AMX Managed Masternode


AMX Managed Masternode

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  •  1000 AMX
  • 50% Block Reward (3 AMX)

Managed Masternode Amero (AMX)

Amero is the Latin American Common Currency, anonymous, decentralized and independet from politics and politicians. A Dash fork using NeoScrypt algorithm that allows P2P transactions in a fast, secure, private and anonymous way.

Amero (AMX) is the currency used in Pracnyas for transactions within our crypto-commerce platform.

A masternode is a server that helps perform transactions within a blockchain and for performing these transactions receives 50% of the rewards per block (3 AMX per block).

Masternodes allow you to invest in a currency with the benefit of earning coins in a guaranteed way as a reward for helping to maintain a secure and stable blockchain.

For a Masternode to work, 1000 ameros (AMX) are needed.

Pracnyas manages and maintains the masternodes for you. With a single click you can acquire a functional masternode without the need of technical knowledge in networks and VPS servers.

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